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Customer Favorites: Wall Decals for Kids

wall decals for kids

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wall decals for kids



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1. Wall Decals for Kids – Birds, Elephant, Giraffe, Monkeys and Zebra

wall decals for kids - tree wall decal with animals

This first one has really great colors, and you have not only the jungle animals like the giraffe, the zebra, the elephant and really cute owls and monkeys and birds. Again the colors are really pretty and you have two of them so you could make a mural. It has so much room for a playroom.


2. Ocean Wall Vinyl Stickers – Whale Wall Decal – Sea Creature Decals

ocean wall decals - wall decals for kids

I love the little hump back whale!Actually I guess you wouldn’t call a hump back whale little, but comparatively little. So we have this ocean scene with some seahorses and an octopus and these little chubby puffer fish. That’s really cute actually! I think I like this one the best, but we’ll see…


3. Nursery Tree Decal – Custom Name Decal – Hanging Name Wall Decal

tree wall decals - wall decals for kids - monogram wall decals

This one has a little monogram for “Nathalie.” The colors are great, especially if you already have a different colored wall that’s already painted, because that white tree will pop really nicely. Again the colors are great for a little girls room.


4. Mini Jungle Decal – Monogram Decal – Mini Jungle Tree Decal

wall decals for kids - monogram wall decal - miniature

Isabella’s monogram is really nice too. Again if you have a different color wall already that white tree will pop. You have the added benefit of the adorable giraffe and elephant.


5. Nursery Wall Decal – Owls, Birds, Leaves and Flowers in Pastels

pastel tree wall decal with owls

This nursery wall decal with the owls and the birds is wonderful. I love the grass down at the bottom. It’s very playful, and colorful but still very feminine and cute.


6. Nursery Wall Decal – Animal Wall Decal – Vinyl Wall Tree – Nursery Tree Wall Sticker

wall decals for kids - jungle wall decals - tree wall decals

This nursery wall decal with the extra animals is great because there is so much going on. It’s all very playful. This one is the only one I’ve seen with a rhinoceros! When have you ever seen a rhinoceros looking this happy?! It’s really cute and adorable.


7. Nursery Wall Decal – Secret Garden Decal – Vinyl Tree Decal

nursery wall decal - tree wall decal - monogram wall decal

Caroline’s decal is really nice especially if you like the woodland creatures. I feel like this is something out of Bambi. It’s really pretty with the little fox, faun and rabbit. If you look off to the side, there’s a little bird house which I think is really cute and would look great in a playroom.


8. Under the sea vinyl stickers – Dolphin and Fish Ocean Wall Decal

ocean wall decal - wall decals for kids - dolphin wall decal

The under the sea vinyl is really great with the dolphin. You can make it look like the dophin is jumping out of the water. The star fish are great. This would be wonderful in a playroom or bathroom.


9. Jungle Adventure – Personalized Wall Decals – Jungle Wall Decals

monogram wall decal - tree wall decal - animal wall decals

The colorful tree wall decal is great. I just love the “sweet dreams Michael” I just think that’s precious in all the best ways. It would look wonderful over the crib.


10. Patterned Butterfly Wall Decal – Vinyl Butterfly Wall Decor – Wall Vinyl Decal – Reusable Available

butterfly wall decals - wall decals for kids

Oooh, so my daughter would love the butterflies. You can just picture going over a bed or crib. You can put this one anywhere and change it up to however you would like the butterflies placed. You have freedom to play here.


11. Colorful Nursery Tree Wall Decal – Floral and Owl Vinyl Stickers

ID 20204 Wall Decal Nursery tree

Again I really love the white tree. I love to paint walls so I think the white tree adds a really nice contrast and the plaid leaves are definitely very interesting. The owls are adorable, and they even have little eyelashes so they’re kind of feminine. Then you have one owl kind of waving to you which is really cute.


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