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Top 5 Sanity Saving Tricks for Parenting!

Time Saving Hacks You Need

Parenting isn’t easy, but when you’re equipped with tricks to make the job easier, you’re a superhero! These 5 Tips are must haves to save your sanity!

1. No Sew Door Latch Covers – these are great! You can close the doors in your home without waking the little one. Project Nursery saved my sanity with this one!



2. Clever Storage for the Stuffed Animals! With enough creativity you could even make it half shelves if you don’t have enough stuffed animals for the whole thing! Ginny found this on a site with no tutorial, but it looks simple enough!



3. Custom, stack-able, recycled toy containers! OMGosh! I use these in the kitchen for noodles and things, but had never considered toys! Thank you, Heart of Wisdom, for this great idea! You could even use them for small baby stuff like socks!


4. Clothing dividers by size! Great Idea, Ashley! Has anyone tried this with old CD’s I wonder? Might be my next project!

closet div


5. And Jen’s clever idea, pretty much takes the cake… I hate trying to keep up with bibs!


sanity saving

What are some of your FAVORITE sanity saving tips, let us know in the comments?!

6 thoughts on “Top 5 Sanity Saving Tricks for Parenting!

  1. These are great! I am going to add the hook tomorrow! No longer will I fret over the bib!

    1. Hey Trish,

      Happy to help! Post a picture for us? Thank you for reading!

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    1. Thank you!

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