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Ocean Wall Decals – Nautical Adventure Reveal

Nautical Adventure Ocean Wall Decal

Check out our Ocean Wall Decals – Nautical Adventure Series, we’ll show you how to use wall decals for kids rooms to give them their own personal touch.

I’m so excited, my wall decal just arrived in the mail from Wall Decal Source, and as you can see it is shipped in a triangular box. So let’s open it up and see what’s inside.

What you’ll find inside your box:

  • Your squeegee which is going to be used to actually make sure those air bubbles are out of your decal once it’s on the wall.
  • Your installation instructions to give you the best practices to make the decal look as nice on the wall as possible.
  • And We have the decal itself. As you can see since it was rolled up inside the box, you’re gonna need to take some time to flatten it out.

So my best suggestion would be to turn it over on the ground, put some heavy books, and take a nap or even overnight would be best.

Nautical Adventure - Ocean Wall Decals
Nautical Adventure – Ocean Wall Decals – Series

Here is what is included with the Ocean Wall Decals – Nautical Adventure:

Big Fish: 12
Small Fish: 21
Flowing plant: 2
Stone: 3
Star fish: 7
Shell: 2
Corals: 3
Sea Weeds: 7
Whale: 1
Bubbles: 30
Crabs: 3
Waves: 3

Total Pieces: 114

Ocean wall decals - nautical adventure series

If you liked this decal and would like one of your own, click here to order yours now!

Keep an eye out for our series release! We have 5 more videos for our Ocean Wall Decals – Nautical Adventure series that we’ll be releasing over the next week!

Can’t wait to see you again!

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