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Nursery Wall Decals

nursery wall decals

Hey! This is Kristen, I’m here with Wall Decal Source and today we’re looking at our nursery wall decals!

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nursery wall decals

1. Aquarium Wall Decal – Under the Sea – Oceanic Wall decal – Fish Wall Decal – Reusable Available

Ocean wall decals - Nursery Wall decals

I love all things under water. My son was a huge fan of Finding Nemo, so I know he would love this. The turtles with their googly eyes and the crabs at the bottom! It’s just adorable.

2. Monogrammed Tree Wall Decal with Animals

tree wall decals - Nursery wall decals

I love anything personalized. The tree is really cool. It’s very artistic, with the little swirls and loop dee loops.

3. Owl Wall Decals – Girls Wall Decal With Name Branch

tree wall decals - nursery wall decals

This one is definitely more feminine. You have the pastel colors and patterns.

4. Safari Nursery – Jungle Wall Decals

animal wall decals- Nursery Wall Decals

This one is super fun! I love the giraffe and the monkeys. Stop it! I love the Monkeys! And the colors.

5. ABC Wall Decal with a Matching Animal for each Letter

nursery wall decals - early learning

This one is really cool! I love it. You can put it however you like. You can put it around the wall so  your child can be intrigued and also learn the alphabet.

6. Nursery Wall Decals – Tree  Wall Decals – Nature Adventure

nursery wall decals - monogram wall decals - tree wall decals

The monogram is lovely and I love the pink plaid elephant. I am all about the feng shui of a nursery. I think that would be a cool element to add in there.

7. Mermaid Wall Decals – Ocean Wall Decals – Under the Sea Decal – Reusable Available

Mermaid Wall Decals - nursery wall decals

Okay, if you didn’t see the Mermaid Wall Decals Special, check it out here. I love mermaids, this is one of my favorite nursery wall decals. There are a lot of elements, the fish, dolphin and mermaid. What little girl doesn’t like a mermaid?

8. Story Book Tree Wall Decal, Family Tree, Storybook

Family Tree - nursery wall decals

I really like this one, it can dress up the nursery and it’s really classy. There are many uses for this one. You can make it a family tree or use it as a way to show your little one how much they’ve grown by adding pictures of them through the years.

9. Boat and Submarine Wall Decal – Nursery Wall Decal – Monogram Wall Decal – Reusable Available

nursery wall decals - ocean wall decals

This one is great for a little boy. You can customize the monogram on the boat, it’s got a lot of elements that make it a great decal.

10. Reusable Wall Vinyl – Nursery Wall Decal with Owls, Birds, Flowers – Baby – Vinyl Sticker

nursery wall decals - tree wall decals

This one is really pretty. I love the grass because it allows you to add some contrast. It’s very playful and cute.

11. Swirly Tree Wall Decal – Animal Wall Decal – Nursery Wall Decal

nursery wall decals - tree wall decals

My son loves lions, so of course, I have a certain affinity for that too! This one is very fun and colorful! The swirly tree is great too!

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Let us know which one is your favorite in the comments below!

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