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FAQ: How do you Install A Wall Decal?

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How do you Install A Wall Decal?

How to Install an Ocean Wall Decal



First, if your decal comes in sections, make sure you have separated all the sections before positioning them on the wall. You can easily do this with a pair of scissors. You will also want to make sure your surface is CLEAN and completely DRY before installing your decals.


Now, position your decal on the wall and secure it in place with pieces of painter’s tape. Make sure you are happy with the placement because this is where it is going to be applied! Using a level and a tape measure during this step may be helpful. Then, take a long piece of painter’s tape and place it up and down (or across) the middle of the decal to divide it into two halves. This method is referred to as the “hinge” method.


Choose one half of the decal to work with and fold it over the other half (that’s taped to the wall.) Carefully separate the hard paper backing from the decal. After exposing the adhesive side of the decal carefully remove the backing as you press the decal into place.


Fold the backing underneath the decal and pull up or away as you apply and smooth the decal to the wall.


Smooth out unwanted bubbles out of your decal by hand and then with the squeegee.  Make sure to start from the inside of the decal then sweep outwards applying even pressure.


For Decals that come in sections repeat the above outlined process. You’ll want to overlap the decals to fit during the placement step.

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Smaller pieces can be installed by removing the paper backing and simply applying it wherever you like.


If at any time you are unhappy with the position of your decal, you can easily peel them off and stick them right back up again. It’s easy right?!


And VOILA! You’ve installed your decal! This decal is reusable so it can be used again.



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