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Do It Yourself Fridge Magnets

Do It Yourself Magnets

Making your own personalized Magnets, perfect for your kids art, or for leaving yourself helpful reminders on every metal surface.

I got these from a store for $4 for 3, yeah they’re pretty cool but I wouldn’t buy them again… especially now that I know how to make them myself..


I found these at the dollar store on the clearance aisle, I LOVE butterflies so I couldn’t pass them up..


I had a Magnetic List Pad in the car (see example below).


Total cost not including the Gorilla Glue: $1.07 (with Gorilla Glue $6.75)

Here’s how I did it:

1. Remove Magnet from notebook and use a paint scraper to remove the cardboard. Then cut into sizes that will fit on the clips.


2. Glue the pieces of magnets to the clips and allow to dry


And Voila:



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  1. This blog post was very helpful to me. I’m sure others will see it useful as well.

    1. Thank you! We’re glad you liked the content, share your results with us if you make your own magnet! :)

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