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Autumn Festival Tree Wall Decal With Do-It-Yourself Night Light

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Hey everyone!

Sean here and this is video 3 in our video series of the Autumn Festival Nursery tree wall decal by Wall Decal Source.

Now if you haven’t seen video one about the tree wall decal, go ahead and go back to it, because it’s something just real quick that’s gonna tell you what we’re working with so that you have an idea with the project. Okay, so in this video I’m gonna teach you how to make this into a nightlight, to keep watching.



Alright, so for this project you will need decorative lights, kinda remind me of Chinese lanterns, and a hook. Well actually, you need more than just one hook, you need a couple these hooks but you should be already familiar with these if you’ve been watching the videos. It just comes with a couple adhesive strips to it and it’s no big deal, leaves no marks or scratches, and we just used like 4 or 5 of them so that we can determine the pattern that we want on the tree.


Alright let’s go ahead and get started.


I’ve got this all set up, ready to go, so we’re gonna plug it in and check it out. Alright, so there’s the final product, I think it came out looking awesome, this is an amazing nightlight scenario that not very many people think about. But you can just go to any kind of hobby-enthusiast store and purchase this kind of product, not very expensive, ten dollars or something. I think it turned out Awesome!


Anyway, as always if you like the decal, go ahead and go straight to the source, click the image below and it’ll take you straight there.

autum festival nursery tree wall decal - do-it-yourself projects


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We’re going to have more DIY projects just like this coming down the line, so I hope to see you there. And remember, don’t wake the baby. Bye.


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