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Autumn Festival Nursery Tree Wall Decal With Do-It-Yourself Pom Pom

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Hey everyone!

Sean here and this is video 2 in our video series for the Autumn Festival Nursery tree wall decals by Wall Decal Source.


Now, if you don’t know about the Autumn Festival Nursery tree wall decal by Wall Decal Source, go back to video one, links at the end of the post.


Now this is the first video in this series talking about the DIY projects that we’re gonna do and you’re gonna be able to make this 3D tree for less than five dollars, so stick with us because this… is gonna blow out into this…



Alright so what we’re gonna do here is we’re just gonna fan it out, and after we fan it out you’re gonna grab each individual tissue and pull it out.


Alright, let’s go ahead and throw this up. Alright so now we’re gonna get ready to put the pom-poms up onto the ceiling.


Now, a question that a lot of people have, because when you’re purchasing decals you do not want to be so invasive about putting holes in the walls or your ceiling, so what we do is we use these 3m hooks and this is going to allow you to just hook it up to the ceiling and you don’t have to worry about making any messes. Cause when it’s time to take it off all you do is pull the tab and it comes  right off.


We’re just gonna go ahead and stick it up wherever you think is appropriate. And there we go we have the first hook. Okay, so, we’re going to put up the rest of the hooks, and put the rest of the pom-poms and see what it looks like.


Alright everyone,  that concludes the end of our 3D tree, I know sad, I know, but it’s okay because we have more videos rolling through. I hope you enjoyed this tree, and if you do like this decal and want to purchase it go straight to the source.


Yep, that’s right, go ahead and click on the image below to get your decal. 

autum festival nursery tree wall decal - do-it-yourself projects


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