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Animal Wall Decals

Hey! This is Kristen, I’m here with Wall Decal Source and today we’re looking at our animal wall decals!

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animal wall decals


1. Jungle Animals – Animal Wall Decals

Jungle Animals - Animal Wall Decals

My son would love this one because he likes to go around the house pretending he’s a lion and roar. I know you will absolutely love this one! The giraffe, zebra, flowers and butterflies are beautiful!

2. Road Trip – Animal Wall Decals

Road Trip - Animal Wall Decals

We like to go on adventures, so this one is great too! Whether were going to the Grand Canyon or on a road trip to grandmas, it insights the travel spirit we love!

3. Animals in the Jungle – Animal Wall Decals

Animals in the Jungle - Animal Wall Decals

This one I love! I have an affinity towards hippos, don’t judge. I also like that you can add your child’s name to the tree and personalize it.

4. Jungle Animals – Jungle Wall Decals

Jungle Animals - Jungle Wall Decals

I love this one because it’s simplistic and energetic. Although the monkey on the lion’s head would never happen in real life, we don’t have to have that conversation with our kids yet. We can just let all of the animals in the animal kingdom coexist for now.

5. Kids Adventure – Animal Wall Decals

Kids Adventure - Animal Wall Decals

My daughter would love this one! We used to call her Monkey when she was little because she loved to climb all over everything. I am sure some of you have a little monkey of your own that this would be perfect for.

6. Jungle Adventures – Jungle Wall Decals

Jungle Adventures - Jungle Wall Decals

I am a teacher and I want my kids to be excited about school! I think this one is great! Definitely my choice.

7. Jungle Animals – Personalized Wall Decals

Jungle Animals - Personalized Wall Decals

The color of this decal is great especially if you’re trying to color coordinate. The blues and purples will go really well! You can also change the colors to match your color palette.

8. Forest Animals – Animal Wall Decals – Reusable

Forest Animals - Animal Wall Decals - Reusable


We don’t always have to be androgynous, we can let our girls be girly girls if they want. This is great! I love the animals and mushrooms because I think if Bambi and Alice in Wonderland had a decal baby, this would be that decal!

9. Circus Animals – Jungle Wall Decals – Doodling

Circus Animals - Jungle Wall Decals - Doodling

Both of my kids love to color, I’m sure yours do to.. So this one would be great to inspire the little artist in them all!

Let us know which one is your favorite in the comments below!

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